Indianapolis Colts – Peyton Manning.  Marvin Harrison.  Reggie Wayne.  Joseph Addai.  Dallas Clark.  Okay, on offense – enough said.  Defensively, isn’t this always where the questions abound for the Colts?  How does a team give up 200 plus yards on the ground, and a few weeks later win the Super Bowl?  Ask the Colts.  The Colts will go as far as their defense will allow them to go.  And this defense is missing many key ingredients.  The departures of LB Cato June, DB’s Jason David, Mike Doss and Nick Harper, DT Montae Reagor and the season ending injury to DT Booger McFarland will really hurt and already suspect D.  The Colts better score 40 points every week, because God knows their opponents are likely to.

Jacksonville Jaguars – What do you do when your back-up QB has a better winning percentage, better pass completion percentage (78% to 51%), better grasp on the offensive scheme, and a better attitude than the starting QB?  Well, if you’re Jack Del Rio you say the heck with all that and proclaim the starter to be Byron Leftwich anyway… in February.  David Garrard waits.  Then, on the eve of the season, you proclaim the back-up your new starter, and tell everyone that was your plan all along.  Good news for the Jags offense?  They have one of the best RB tandems in the league.  Look for Maurice Jones-Drew to break out this year.  And, don’t forget the Jags have a playoff caliber defense.  You would think the Jags stand poised to do something significant – if it weren’t for the drama with the QB position.  If David Garrard can make all the drama subside, the Jags will rise.  Otherwise… does anyone have Mark Brunnell’s number?

Tennessee Titans – QB Vince Young is back for his second NFL season.  I’m surprised that Head Coach Jeff Fisher is here to see it.  I really thought when they chose Vince Young over Matt Leinert (who has history with Offensive Coordinator Norm Chow from his USC days), that signaled that Fisher and company were enjoying their farewell tour.  Not so fast, Preacher.  Fisher is back, and there is talk of extending his contract.  Whoa!  But (and this is a big but), the opposition has had a whole year to think about how to contain young Vince.  That means he may get that ‘welcome to the NFL’ this time around.  Don’t overlook the fact that the Titans have even less of a defense than the one they had last year since Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones is off wrestling, rapping and otherwise creating alibis for his life of crime.  Tough sledding for the Titans. 

Houston Texans – The question: Are the Texans any closer to being competitive in their sixth year than they were in their first?  They sent QB David Carr out of town on a rail.  Head Coach Gary Kubiak, they say, didn’t have confidence in him.  Well, newsflash: David Carr didn’t have confidence in the O-Line that turned giving up sacks into an art form.  He was sacked like 1100 times.  He didn’t drop back to pass.  He stopped, dropped and rolled!  Enter Matt Schaub, the former back-up to Mike Vick in Atlanta.  I hope Schaub knows his insurance agent on a first name basis.  Well, figure that last year’s number one Mario Williams will improve – and he needs to.  You recall they chose him over… well, I won’t rub it in.  I suppose that Ahman Green is an upgrade at RB.  Perhaps.  Their first ever winning season?  Not!