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Now, this is what they should pay me the big bucks to tell you.  Impress your friends with these Xtras as you gather around the aquarium in the corner office or the roach-coach at the job-site.

League MVP this season?  LaDanian Tomlinson?  Possibly.  Too predictable.  I’d bet on the Rams QB Marc Bulger.

Coach of the Year?  Everybody is thinking Mike Nolan of the 49ers.  No.  If there were such an award, he would win Best Dressed.  But the coaching job of the year will go to Scott Linehan of the Rams.

Rookie of the Year?  Raider QB JaMarcus Russell.  NOT!  But, I’ll go with a feel-good story here: Brady Quinn – you know, that other QB from the first round in Cleveland. 

Comeback Player of the Year?  Falcons QB Joey Harrington?  Are you kidding me?  No.  But another Dolphin cast-off from last year – Daunte Culpepper looking good in Raider Nation.

First Head Coach Fired?  Oh come on.  You can do this: Tom Coughlin in New York.  How soon?  What time is it now?

And for fun… Will the Madden Curse bite Vince Young?  Absolutely.  Evil, I say.  Evil.  Will JaMarcus Russell leave the hammock in Alabama and report to the Oakland Raiders this season?  Yes.  I say it will come sooner rather than later.  But that he will not contribute much this season (see Comeback Player of the Year above).  Will this be Brett Favre’s last season?  Nope.  He’s chasing George Blanda.  Will Adam ‘Pacman’ Jones play football in 2008?  Nope.  It’s a better bet that he will be foxy boxing with Tonya Harding on pay-per-view.  Michael Vick?  Nope.  He will be in jail, or at least in Roger Goodell’s doghouse for a couple of seasons.  Will there be a wardrobe malfunction at this year’s Regular Season Kick-off event?  Nope.  No one wants to see John Mellencamp’s nipples.

So there you have it.  The Preacher has spoken.  Have fun matching your prognosticating prowess with mine.  I’ll see you at all season long.